Social Media Video Guide

Best Practices For Using Video On Various Social Media Platforms Are you having a hard time getting engagement out of the videos you’re posting on social media? While many people think shorter videos are always best for social media because “people don’t have long...

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How to develop a concept for your next video

The first step in creating a concept for your video is knowing who you’re trying to target. This will help ensure your message is engaging with the right audience and your video isn’t just another piece of content taking up space on the internet. To do this, you’ll...

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What’s A Buyer’s Persona Anyway?

It’s the second quarter of 2019 and with 5G just around the corner, video is in higher demand now than ever before. But using video to promote your business and brand isn’t a marketing strategy. Video is just a delivery method to get your message across. Think of it...

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3 Things You Need To Know About #Hashtags

Whether you think they make posts look messy, or love them and use them unnecessarily in real life, hashtags are an important part of sharing your content.  <br><br>Today I'll share 3 things you should know about hashtags (#hashtags)<br>1. First off,...

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3 Key Social Media Analytics For Growing Your Channel

You're posting great content on social media frequently, and that's fantastic! But don't forget the equally important piece: checking your analytics. Analytics vary from social media platform to platform and can get pretty detailed, but here are some simple analytics...

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What You Should Be Paying Attention To On Instagram In 2019

With nearly 400 million users, Instagram has become an important social platform you need to be on if you aren’t already. The possibilities seem endless with the constant updates implemented for users and businesses. It’s impossible to catch all of them unless you’re...

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Getting Started With Video In The New Year

Happy New Year! With 2018 in the books and 2019 underway it's a great time to start looking at new ways to market and grow your business. Many people we talk to want to consistently use video in their marketing strategies to help grow their business, but what if you...

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